The online COGNETIX Mechanical Engineering Academy focuses on teaching real-world, professional-level mechanical design skills that are typically not taught in universities and usually take years to develop. Our training material and methods are designed to help you accomplish the following, in a short period of time:

  • Address the "no design experience" issue
  • Enhance your value as an engineer or designer
  • Increase your design project opportunities
  • Teach you proper mechanical design foundation
  • Unleash your productivity and creativity
  • Increase your earnings potential

Basic Membership

Our complimentary Basic Membership includes access to our WEEKLY mechanical design lecture series, along with exclusive mechanical design content, live online workshops, design Q&A sessions, and more.

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What We Offer

Real-world mechanical design online training

  • Benefits for Engineering Professionals

    » Learn real-world mechanical design skills (typically not taught in school).
    » Learn well in a few weeks, instead of in a few years through trial and error.
    » Steer yourself toward a rewarding design-related career.
    » Increase your opportunities to get involved in design projects.
    » Improve your innovation and creativity skills.
    » Increase your earnings potential.

  • Benefits for Companies and Managers

    » Strengthen your engineering team's capability.
    » Reduce development costs and timelines.
    » Ensure that your team relies on proper design-knowledge foundation.
    » Reward your team by enhancing their opportunities.

  • Benefits for Engineering Students

    » Learn real-world design skills that are typically not taught in school.
    » Increase your design knowledge and experience before graduating.
    » Stand out above others when applying for jobs and internships.
    » Take definitive steps toward a design-oriented engineering career.

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Exclusive Membership

Gain free access to exclusive MECHANICAL DESIGN content and events:
  • Weekly mech|des Q&A
  • Live online workshops
  • Exclusive video content
  • Important updates
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