Have the Mindset and Intent to Produce a Well-Balanced Design

Produce a Well-Balanced Design

There are several designs that work well and are reliable, and yet they are difficult to use, maintain or service. For example: (1) a wall-outlet power plug that works great and looks good, but is somewhat difficult to remove because of its shape and texture, (2) an awesome product for which it is very difficult to change the batteries, or (3) a great medical device that is costly and challenging to assemble and manufacture.

A well-balanced design is one that addresses all the relevant criteria well, not just a few. Although some criteria will inevitably be more important than others, there is no excuse for not placing sufficient importance on, say, how difficult a product will be to assemble or service. A Director of Hardware Engineering once said, “Oh, let’s not worry about how this will be assembled—the manufacturing department will figure that out.” That is such a wrong and irresponsible mentality!

Do well, take pride and stand above other designers by producing well-balanced designs that properly address functionality, durability, reliability, ease of use, ergonomics, ease of assembly, ease of manufacturing, serviceability, and aesthetics.

How To Resolve This Issue
  • Keep in mind the importance of producing well-balanced designs.
  • Expand your technical knowledge and experience to be able to more efficiently and effectively produce well-balanced designs.
  • Study designs around you and evaluate them in terms of how well-balanced they are



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