Keep an Open Mind and Think “Outside the Box” for Best Results

Maintain an Open Mind

A good engineer, regardless of experience level, maintains an open mind and practices thinking “outside the box” at the appropriate times—period. Being open-minded is one of the greatest qualities an engineer can have in their profession.

Occasionally, other factors will impact a design’s direction. These factors may include: engineering or upper management direction, a company culture that is set in its ways (whether right or wrong) or, perhaps, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and the design must adhere to or be compatible with existing product lines.

How To Resolve This Issue
  • Turn “thinking outside the box” into a personal habit. This quality will enable you to come up with various solutions that may be far superior to existing approaches. (By the way, this “thinking outside the box” and keeping an open mind mentality is also greatly beneficial in life, in general.)
  • Whenever possible, brainstorm heavily and come up with various solutions to a design challenge, without limiting your creativity.
  • Keep an open mind to ideas that are not your own. True collaboration often leads to the best possible results.



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