Keep the End-User in Mind

Don't Forget Who You are Designing For

This issue goes hand in hand with not producing a well-balanced design, but this topic merits its own attention. As mechanical engineers and designers, we must not only place importance on the technical aspects of a product’s design, but also on the ease of use and ergonomics of the product.

This point should make obvious sense, but there are countless experienced engineers who neglect or forget (or worse yet, ignore) “who” they are designing a product for.

There are times when greater importance and attention must be placed on ergonomics and industrial design, given the particular group or demographic of the product’s end-users. For example: the ergonomic aspects of designing for an average adult human being are drastically different from those of designing products for children or the elderly.

How To Resolve This Issue
  • Understand the characteristics of the end-user well, such as their physical attributes, level of dexterity, cognitive abilities, etc.
  • Keep the end-user in mind throughout the entire design phase.
  • Do not leave this task fully to the industrial engineers or equivalent disciplines. Take ownership of the design process and understand that industrial design and ergonomics must be kept in mind through all phases of product development, and you share this responsibility.



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