Weeks, rather than years

In a short time, learn real-world mechanical design skills that typically take years to learn after graduation. These programs are much different from a typical academic program in that they focus solely on real-life design activities frequently encountered in our engineering professions. Whether you are still a student or already an engineering professional, these programs are designed to teach you proper mechanical design foundation in a short period of time, while unleashing your creativity and opening up a broader world of professional opportunities for you.

  • Improve your real-world mechanical design skills.
  • Learn to produce excellent, well-balanced designs.
  • Appeal to employers looking for "experience".
  • More opportunities to work on interesting projects.
  • Increase your earnings potential.

Your Program Options

Three programs to choose from, all including basic foundation up to principal-level training.

Foundation Lite

This is a good option for those wishing to quickly build a real-world foundation of custom application design. Ideal for addressing the "no experience" issue and increasing the chances of obtaining a design-related position.


This is an excellent option for those wishing to build a solid, broad foundation of mechanical design aspects related to custom applications, focusing on real-world mechanical design excellence.

Foundation + Automation

This option includes everything from the Foundation program, plus significant training on automated systems and control, and a bonus detailed case study of an automated electromechanical device.






What you get

Instant access to unique, high quality, mechanical design online training.

Real-world Training

When we graduate, we are not usually capable of designing a machine or a product (although that is probably the reason we pursued engineering to begin with); that takes a few years. These professional certificate programs are designed to provide world-class, real-word mechanical design training that shortens the learning curve drastically.

Detailed Training Videos

Depending on what program you select, there are up to over 40 hours of professional training available to you. You gain INSTANT ACCESS to the initial videos and training material the moment you enroll. The rest continue to be gradually presented to you as you progress through the program. (Live lectures and Q&A are also included ... read on.)

Downloadable PDF's

Numerous downloadable documents and presentation files to accompany the lectures, along with useful supplemental material, charts, tables, and more. For most live lectures, you will have the ability to download the slides before the lecture and, after, the slides that include the instructor's highlights, sketches, and important notes.

Live Online Lectures

Supplemental live, online lectures are included in all three of the programs. These lectures are scheduled, roughly, every other week on Sundays at 1:30 PM (Pacific Time, USA). For your convenience, the lectures are recorded and are made available to you shortly after the live sessions. (See lecture schedule below.)

Live Online Q&A Sessions

Your program includes live group, online Q&A sessions (combined with the live lectures). All sessions will be recorded and made available to you. You may ask questions in three different ways: (1) ahead of time by e-mail or phone, (2) during the lecture via chat, and (3) live, via your webcam and mic.

Study at Your Own Pace

Although the course material, video lectures, live lectures, and automated tests are distributed gradually throughout the program, you have 90 calendar days of access to the program (starting on the day you enroll). You may go through the program at your own pace, as long as it is completed within 90 days.

Automated Tests

The tests may be taken multiple times without penalty, but a 100% passing score is required before moving on. We do not believe in passing tests with 70% or so, leaving a potential 30% gap in your knowledge, since that would affect you negatively. We are serious about the quality of these programs. However, the tests are practical and most participants pass them easily after 1 or 2 attempts. Please note that an academic science and physics background is not required to succeed in these programs, and there is no deadline or specific dates to take the tests (as long as the program is completed within 90 days).

Excellent Support

Our main objective is to help you succeed and achieve your design-oriented career and engineering aspirations. Should you have any questions or issues throughout the program, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (844) MECH-DES or by e-mail at info@mechanicalengineeringacademy .com. If necessary, we will arrange one-on-one online video conferences with your instructor to ensure your success. Simply let us know. SPECIAL NOTE: you are also welcome to seek advice on your real-life projects with us, as long as there is no violation of a confidentiality agreement.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a personalized certificate from the academy. If you reside within the United States, we will mail you the certificate at no additional cost. If you reside outside the United States, we may opt to e-mail you an electronic certificate or, if possible, mail you a physical certificate (minimal shipping charges may apply). It is in your best interest to encourage potential employers to verify the validity of your professional certificate, which can easily be done by contacting the COGNETIX Mechanical Engineering Academy.


The following bonus items are GUARANTEED ONLY IF YOU ACT NOW, since they involve significant time and effort by the lead instructor and we want to ensure the highest level of quality, professional training.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of students that we accept into the program and, also, there is a registration deadline. (Scroll down for additional details.)


Three 30-minute 1-on-1, technical Q&A sessions, plus a twenty-minute consultation with personalized advice focusing on design career guidance. (Bonus 1 applies to all three programs.)


Personalized professional letter of recommendation provided by the program's lead instructor. (IMPORTANT: Bonus 2 is for 'Foundation' and 'Automated Systems' participants only.)


Bonus course: M-230 | Introduction to Various Methods to Unleash Creativity (IMPORTANT: Bonus 3 is for 'Automated Systems' extension participants only.)

About the instructor

Conrad Diaz, P.E. | CEO, Cognetix Engineering, Inc.

UCLA-degreed, licensed Professional Engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Conrad specializes in automated system and product design, including high-speed assembly machinery, as well as FDA class II and class III medical devices.

His broad experience, high level of attention to detail, and ability to understand and foresee the "whole picture" have enabled him to achieve a successful professional track record. He now has merged his engineering talent with two of his other passions: teaching and giving back.

Conrad places great importance on teaching not only detailed, proper mechanical design foundation, but also on teaching the whole-picture perspective, including the entire product development process, along with important business and project management aspects.

Enrollment Details

Take your mechanical design knowledge to the next level, unleash your creativity, and open up a broader world of professional opportunities.

INSTANT ACCESS | The initial videos and training material is released immediately, as soon as you enroll, then gradually throughout the program as you progress.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE | Registration for this session will close on NOVEMBER 3, 2017, or when the student limit is reachedwhichever comes sooner. (Typically, the program fills up before the registration deadline, so don't wait too long.) REGISTRATION FOR THIS TERM IS NOW CLOSED

20-STUDENT LIMIT | The capacity of the programs is limited to 20 participants to ensure the highest level of training quality to all participants. It is best that you register as soon as possible, in order to ensure admittance and entitlement to applicable bonuses.

Live lecture schedule | Although the program includes a substantial amount of high quality prerecorded video lectures, online live lectures and Q&A sessions are also included. Attendance is optional, but recommended. Replays will be available. The schedule is as follows: 2-hours every other Sunday, starting at 1:30 PM, Pacific Time, USA:

Foundation Lite: Nov 5, Nov 19.

Standard Foundation: Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3.

Foundation + Automation: Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17.

90-day access | Although the course material, lectures, and tests are distributed gradually throughout the programs (3 weeks, 5 weeks, or 8 weeks, depending on what program you select), you have 90 calendar days of access to the program, starting on the day you enroll. That means that you may go through the program at your own pace, as long as it is completed within 90 days.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee | with the first day being the day of purchased enrollment. If for whatever reason you find that the course is not up to your level of expectations and you have completed at least 3 weeks of program material and tests, simply contact the COGNETIX Mechanical Engineering Academy for a reimbursement.

Money-Back-Guarantee-2Paypal Image

Select Program and Enroll

  •    Pre-recorded Lectures
  •    Online Live Lectures
  •    Downloadable PDF's
  •    Online Q&A Sessions
  •    Live lecture replays
  •    Automated Tests
  •    Option to study at your own pace (90-day access)
  •    Certificate of Completion
  •    MODULES
  •    Fundamentals of Machined Part Design
  •    Engineering Drawings of Machined Parts
  •    Mechanical Integration of Standard Components
  •    Methods to locate and attach parts
  •    Mechanical design with pneumatic components
  •    Introduction to the Cognetix Process for Mechanical Design Excellence
  •    Assembly Drawings
  •    Basic Testing and Troubleshooting of Prototypes
  •    Introduction to Industrial Sensors
  •    Industrial Motor Types and Selection
  •    Motion Control of Electromechanical Systems
  •    CASE STUDY I: Design of a manufacturing assembly fixture
  •    CASE STUDY II: Design of an automated manufacturing assembly machine
  •    CASE STUDY III: Hand-held, battery-operated sewing machine (mass produced product)
  •    CASE STUDY IV: Design of a 2-axis, color-tracking automated device
  •    BONUSES (if you enroll now)
  •    BONUS 1(a): Three 30-minute 1-on-1 online sessions with lead instructor
  •    BONUS 1(b): One-on-one consultation on how to achieve a successful and rewarding career that is focused on design
  •    BONUS 2: Personalized letter of recommendation from lead instructor
  •    BONUS 3: Course: Introduction to Methods to Unleash Creativity

Option 1

Foundation LiteQuick-start Program
  • 25+ Hrs
  • 4+ Hrs

Option 2

  • 30+ Hrs
  • 6+ Hrs

Option 3

Foundation+ Automated Systems Extension
  • 40+ Hrs
  • 8+ Hrs


  • The skills, methods and approaches that I learned have made a significant positive impact on my career as a product development engineer.

    Yun Xiao, Mechanical Engineer, SilverGens, Inc.

    Working under Conrad's guidance enabled me to broaden my mechanical design knowledge and experience significantly, in a short period of time. The detailed guidance and feedback was extremely valuable and has led me to pay attention to critical design details associated with automated products in the medical device space. Among those details is the importance of thinking of the user perspective in order to produce excellent designs that are highly practical for the end-user. The skills, methods and approaches that I learned have made a significant positive impact on my career as a product development engineer.

  • The valuable detailed principles, approaches and open-mind mentality are easily applied to projects of all types.

    Ke Xu, Mechanical Engineer, SilverGens, Inc.

    Conrad's style of teaching is very clear, organized and engaging. He has the ability to break down complex real-world engineering and design subjects into easy-to-understand terms. The valuable detailed principles, approaches and open-mind mentality are easily applied to projects of all types. My experience under Conrad's leadership and mentorship has had a significant impact on my career, especially when it comes to the design of innovative, creative products.

  • Both novice engineers and seasoned veterans came away from his lessons with a clearer understanding of common mechanical designs, the reason for their existence, and best practices.

    Ryan Neimy, Sr. R&D Engineer, Caldera Medical, Inc.

    The clarity with which Conrad describes mechanical engineering concepts demonstrates a thorough understanding of field's theory, practice, and real-world applications. I found that both novice engineers and seasoned veterans came away from his lessons with a clearer understanding of common mechanical designs, the reason for their existence, and best practices for creating functional medical device designs.

Exclusive Membership

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