Which mechanical DESIGN career track are you on?

Essential information for engineers pursuing a mechanical design engineering career

We are often attracted to the mechanical engineering profession because of the design aspects that excite us (robotics, electromechanical devices, machines, mechanisms, etc.) However, we often don’t realize that we can easily end up being a mechanical engineer in a role that does NOT involve DESIGN.

Are your expectations and desires aligned with your mechanical DESIGN career objectives and strategy?

Note that a degree on its own is typically NOT enough to end up in a design role. You may find, like many, that you are not on the track that appeals the most to you, probably without realizing it until it is too late.

Download the infographic below to better understand where you may be headed. The academy is also putting together a detailed video and full-length article with essential steps that can increase the likelihood of you obtaining a design-focused career. We will notify you as soon as they are available.


The COGNETIX Mech|Eng Academy helps those interested in a DESIGN-oriented career actually get there, by offering short professional certificate courses on the type of real-world mechanical design engineering that is typically not taught at the university level.

  • Fast track beyond university training
  • Helps solve the “no experience” issue
  • Real-world mechanical design training
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Provides resumé added-value

DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC (and upcoming detailed article/video)

Download the infographic and use it as follows: start on the left and figure out what path you are following in relation to your goals and mechanical DESIGN-oriented activities.

Mechanical design engineering career path

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